Nov 07, 2015


Best Sport Headphones EVER!! – Let me say, these headphones are OUTSTANDING!! I bought both the silver/black and the blue/black for my husband and I. The packaging was sleek and crisp and all indicated accessories were in the box. They paired easily to each of our phones, we’re a mixed family (Galaxy S4 and iPhone). They came pre-charged so we tried them out right off the bat. We danced around the house, checking for comfort, stay-in ability, sound, etc.

We used them 4 times at the gym this week (did not have to recharge), and my husband wore them to work in the yard as well. He sweats ALOT, so getting water resistant headphones was a must. While I was skeptical, there really aren’t a lot out there with this guarantee unless you go up to the $120+ range.

Sound: Fabulous! Completely enhances your workout! My husband is an audiophile, I am not. He was completely surprised by the quality and crispness, and was blown away that both the treble and bass are appropriate and the sound is not tinny. Read more…

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