The Secret To
Year-Round Fitness
Motivation Revealed


Research connecting music and fitness began in the 1920’s when scientists realised even a single tempo change could alter your respiration rate. Since then, numerous studies have proven that working out to music provides many advantages. Here, SoundWhiz delivers 7 great reasons why working out with hands free music will be your answer to staying motivated and achieving the body you dream of in 2016 …

1. Music, the healthy distraction
Being distracted by music can benefit and enhance athletic performance by up to 15%; The Guardian
Be distracted so you can get focused and feel good.
2. It ups your effort
A study in 2010 found cyclists actually worked harder with faster music when compared to a slow tempo. Songs with 120-140 beats per minute have optimum effect on exercisers
Get that extra ZING when you’re feeling sluggish
3. Music puts you in the zone
What’s your go-to song that gets you going? Music works because of memory channelling
Instantly get in the mood listening to sound you control from your earpiece
4. Keeps your pace
Let rhythm stimulate your motor area in the brain, aiding efficient use of energy and paces body control with workout sessions
5. Music has the power to induce euphoria!
Research shows music gets the brain excited and induces movement, changing your heart rate
6. Stimulating your Senses, Music Reduces Fatigue
Having control to what you listen to while working out gets better results
7. Music Reduces Stress
A doctorate thesis from Uni of Gothernberg shows listening to music everyday reduces stress.
btn-action-takerThe scientific facts are everywhere, it all stacks up if you want to stay MOTIVATED for 2016 TAKE ACTION and grab your pair of SoundWhiz wireless HEADPHONES, the answer to wanting to work out… lightweight & sweatproof, experience handsfree freedom with music you choose, chat and listen on the go, anywhere, anytime.

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