So, I guess you’ve landed on our site because you’re either trying to get fit and improve your lifestyle, or maybe you’re in good shape and want to keep it that way. Maybe you’re looking for a super cool gift for someone who IS a fitness freak.

If you’re like me though, you also know that getting fit, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a LOT of commitment and time. Apparently, rushing out and buying a gym membership as a New Year’s resolution doesn’t actually do it (we all know the feeling, a little part of you thought that was half the battle!).

What really happens is the juggle of life gets in the way and you lose your mojo to exercise and run out of time. So, you decide to look for something to help make your fitness easier. Good on you!

Google delivers great help, yet it presents like 7 gazillion options for every imaginable thing. How do you hunt through all that, and decide what’s right for you? A little help to shortcut our time in finding the right Doodad is what we all would love, knowing what REALLY makes the difference.

Well, it’s so cool you’re here, because in a very real way, that’s what we do! In a nutshell, we find cool products in the health & fitness category, work out what the most important features are, tailor and build them, and then bring them to life under our brand, SoundWhiz. By the time a product hits our store, we have winnowed out hundreds of alternatives that you may otherwise have bought, optimized it based on feedback from people JUST LIKE YOU, and provided it along with a bunch of information that people JUST LIKE YOU told us was important to help you make your decision. And because we spent all that time researching, you won’t find a million types of doohickey on our site. If you want a running armband, you’ll most likely only find ONE type on our site. Because it’s the best one. We don’t clutter your life by selling the others. End of story.

So that’s it. Our products are SOUND – because people JUST LIKE YOU helped create them by giving their feedback. You get to WHIZ straight to the right product, because we did ALL the hard work for you, and ONLY show you the winner!

Come on the journey with us. DISCOVER what you didn’t KNOW about how to choose the right activity-based product. Buy a product YOU NOW KNOW is going to work for you. Then, get on with LIVING a fit, fun life!