Thank you for your interest in our Summer Boost offer!  We hope that with your help we will motivate many others to boost their fitness motivation this summer.

By entering the offer you agree to abide by the following Terms & Conditions:

1)  By accepting the offer you agree to follow us on Instagram and post on Instagram wearing the headphones and demonstrating a fitness activity that you love to do while using the headphones.  Your post should be motivational.   Simple photos of the product or packaging do not qualify for the offer.

2) You agree to purchase the product online at at full price.  SoundWhiz agrees to  rebate you 100% of the purchase price within 48 hours of successful completion of your instagram post, validated by SoundWhiz.

3) Your instagram post should be completed within 10 days of receiving your headphones.  You must notify us of your post via facebook messenger. Rebate period will close on 30th June 2018. If we have not heard from you before then with confirmation of your Instagram post, we will assume you chose not to participate. No rebates will be provided for posts made after 30th June 2018.

4) For security, Rebates will be supplied via paypal, and only via paypal. Bank checks, bank transfers etc will not be provided.  By accepting the offer you must acknowledge that you have an active paypal account that can receive these fund. For your privacy, you will be asked for your paypal email address to receive these funds only after you have completed your post.

5) Rebate excludes shipping cost. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime.

6) Offer is available for purchases on only. Offer is available only to purchasers within mainland United States.

7) Your purchase, whether rebated or otherwise is covered by our 12 month replacement warranty. 

8) Offer applies to 1 (one) unit of product only per person.

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