By definition:

Sound: Showing Good Judgment / Solid Or Strong / Free From Mistakes/ Pertaining To Sound
Whiz: A Person Who Is Very Skilled At Something / To Do Or Move Something Quickly / A Whizzing Sound


Entrepreneurs Sue Prentice and Giles Smith met on a plane while travelling the Globe. Coincidentally, we were both hunting for the latest innovative ideas to bring zest to lives of our customers. Products that could help motivate and inspire healthy, fun living. Quickly realizing we shared the same vision, we merged our enthusiasm, energy and skills to form Whiz Technology.

SoundWhiz, the premiere brand soon became a sensation, with thousands enjoying wireless sound and unleashed workouts enabled by the WhizBeats W10 and WhizBand. We continue to scour the world for the BEST niche fitness products.

Currently, we are excited by the future of SMART technology as it relates to fitness, and we are investing significantly in the connected devices arena for active pursuits. We are currently drooling over three connected fitness device products for release in 2016, which we KNOW you are going to love. Be sure to stay connected!

Our Values

Whiz Technology chooses to be a values-driven organisation, first and foremost. Stated simply, the values we live by are:

  • We Do What We Say
  • We Act Fast
  • We are Eager, curious and creative
  • We Make It Fun

Our Mission

To scour the earth identifying the best solutions to every active pursuits product need, perfecting the most important features based on the opinions of active users, and bring to market the best possible product for each need.

Our Vision

“The World’s #1 Access Point for Life-Enhancing Smart Technology
and Active Pursuits Accessories”.


Our promise as a global brand

Like everyone we have a website, but we are not just another online brand. We are different because we take every measure possible to ensure the features and benefits we offer are true value and quality. Shop with confidence online knowing this is a brand that you can trust backed by a high level of customer service and integrity. If a product does not rock your world within 30 days, we offer you an unconditional refund. And we stand by all our products with a 12 month replacement warranty.


Sue Prentice Bio

Founder & Chairman

Having a full life in Africa, Europe and Australia, including many years spent enjoying the thrills of the wild savanna and farm life in Africa, is what made Sue a competent and dynamic achiever. With migration came lessons, challenges, highs and lows as well as multi-cultural encounters that contributed to Sue’s determination to make a difference. It is this willingness to savour life and living that defines who she is and has demonstrated her ability to problem solve. It’s only through drive and determination that we can succeed, it’s not luck that makes things happen in her opinion. Embracing the advances in science and technology in the fantastic times we live, she would like nothing better than for people to live a healthy, happy and free life, unburdened by what stops them from being their best. Whiz products are a vehicle to do just that and are symbolic of Sue’s keen interest in changing and enhancing lives. The journey and use of these products has helped her conquer her own personal mental barrier regards running, allowing her creativity to be released, and in turn being transformed into an enthusiastic promoter and regular user of her own brand. Sue is now a committed runner and takes every opportunity whilst exercising outdoors, to appreciate the natural beauty of her surroundings. This new addiction releases a positive energy that she channels into achieving her goals. Change your life too with Whiz today.


Giles Smith Bio

Founder & Managing Director
Born in Cornwall UK, Giles grew up on a small farm both close to and nowhere near civilization. Through university he followed his first love and studied Geology to PhD level before moving to the world of internet consultancy. On moving to Australia in 2003 he joined one of Australia’s finest information companies as an executive manger, leading the definition and build of the nation’s best information products over a 10 year period. Tired of the corporate life and becoming rotund, Giles decided to build a business based on healthy lifestyle and active pursuits. He now runs 10k 3 times a week in under 50 minutes thanks to the WhizBeats!