At SoundWhiz, we want to help you get the MORE from your beautiful SymphoniQ. Sure it has beautiful, natural sound, incredible battery life, and comfortable, noise isolating ear cups, but what else?


Actually, quite a lot!  Make sure you have a through look through your instruction manual to make the most of all the features, including NFC pairing, dual connection, call handling and more!

But before you get so relaxed with the SymphoniQ you can’t lift a finger – why not get some peace of mind with an extended warranty for FREE?

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Why is this SoundWhiz Extended Warranty offer worthwhile?

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  • You get complete peace of mind for Two Years of usage. If SymphoniQ breaks of fails in the next 24 months – you’ll get a new one. It’s that simple.
  • You don’t need to worry about sending it back for repair. We’ll have a new one in your hands, usually within 5 business days. No cost to you. No Hassle.

So, in summary, if you would like the peace of mind that your SymphoniQ will stand the test of time, you have two options:

1) Buy the 2 Year Extended Warranty Option Today for $49.99, and get 24 Months of coverage

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