“By 2020 we aim to motivate and influence the mindset of a million people through wireless sound”
SoundWhiz was founded in early 2015 with a simple objective. Having experienced the power of audio to provide motivation, we recognized a significant gap in the market for aptly designed headphones that met the fitness enthusiast’s need for wireless stable, sweat-proof, high sound quality in-ear headphones.

Driven in the past decade by the combined energies of a worldwide fitness revolution and the incredible uptake of internet-enabled smartphones providing unparalleled access to media (online education, podcasts, music, movies and interactive games) the growth in demand for wireless headphones has been unprecedented. Having experienced the unquestionable difference of using wireless audio in our own lives it was surprising that no matter where you are in the world, finding comfortable, stable, ergonomically designed and great sounding headphones at a reasonable price is extremely difficult.
We tested literally hundreds of headphones from nearly as many manufacturers. We tested them ourselves. We tested them with fitness enthusiasts. We tested them with athletes. We researched online to understand the overall consumer sentiment. And we found two interesting things. We concluded there was no one product in existence that met our major expectations of comfort, stability, sound quality, battery life and sweat proofing needed for active users. Secondly we found very few of the fit styles had widespread ‘cool’ appeal to our target market.

Our objective became simple. We wanted to solve the frustration of constant adjustments to in-ear position that plagued most people’s experience of headphones interrupting exercise routines. We set out to truly deliver the ultimate sports headphones that checked all the boxes that are deemed essential by active users in the fitness market.
Initial design through to early 3D Modelling
 First functional prototype
SoundWhiz Turbo completed
Our philosophy has always been to be guided by real market feedback. Between 2015 and 2017 we used as strict criteria guideline to select the best headphones to bring to market. We engaged thousands of our users, carefully making modifications over time and carefully evaluating the feedback, using real life thoughts and preferences.

This process has enabled us to deliver constant improvements to our flagship headphone, the SoundWhiz Turbo, as well as fuel insights for our ongoing development of the very best sports headphones, meeting the needs of consumers around the world. We continue to invest in new products and better solutions to meet the feedback and insights gained from our active community.
With a rapidly evolving landscape of disruptive technology we realise the need to deliver outstanding customer experience. Unlike incumbent brands, we have focused on intimate and customer centric communications, building a strong brand beloved by our customers for the support we provide. As a result, more and more, we find our customers returning to buy headphones for family & friends, and best of all, becoming true brand advocates.

You won’t find SoundWhiz products in retail stores yet. With 96% of US consumers now regularly buying online, and over half preferring the convenience of online shopping, it made sense for us to be available online first. It also gives us the fastest and most cost effective route to global distribution, since our products have worldwide appeal.

Furthermore, choosing Amazon as a primary channel has ensured we’re addressing some of the most important confidence factors customers have when buying online, including shipping cost and speed, online reviews, and transaction security. You can find us right now on Amazon, soundwhiz.com, soundwhiz.com.au and be on the lookout for us on many other online marketplaces in the future!

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About the Founders

Giles Smith - Co Founder

I grew up a simple farmer’s boy in the open expanses of the Cornish countryside, and have always enjoyed venturing into the great outdoors.

Perhaps driven from humble beginnings I have always believed in the power of mindset to influence your own success, and I have consistently turned to audio, whether that be music, audio-books or more recently podcasts and streaming media to inspire and guide myself.
Understanding the power of audio on my own performance was the motivation for our slogan ‘audio with attitude’. Besides that, it sounded cool.

At SoundWhiz, I bring my years of General Management, Product Development and Leadership experience to our rapidly growing brand. Nothing gives me greater inspiration than hearing the stories of how our headphones are motivating customers towards their goals.

In other news, I hold a PhD from The University of Bristol and an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. More importantly, I am a passionate scuba diver and amateur underwater naturalist, snowboarder and proud father. Oh, and I run a bit too.
Sue Prentice - Co Founder

Being fortunate enough to have lived in different countries and being exposed to different cultures, many rich experiences have determined my core beliefs. Chief among these is that one’s mindset determines success or failure, and growth does not happen while standing still!

I have spent the last 25 years committed to crafting memorable brand experiences for my clients, leading them through strategy, ideation and execution. I now firmly believe that digital commerce is the future of retail.
As Co Founder of SoundWhiz, I thrive with the challenge and responsibility of growing a successful and completely dependable brand, one that will continue to earn a highly regarded footprint online. SoundWhiz affords me the opportunity to channel my energy into achieving something tangible, by developing products that fit with my love of music, fitness and travel.

I would describe myself as a people person and problem-solver, whose creative mix of strategic, digital and business expertise lends itself to developing business strategies, products and services for market introduction with a keen eye on financial viability.