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Using Siri and SVoice on your WhizBeats W10

Both iphone and android platforms come packaged with powerful voice command software called Siri (ios) and SVoice (android). Using the WhizBeats W10 voice command interface is like having a personal assistant in your pocket!

To activate voice commands on the WhizBeats W10, simply press the Multifunction (MFB) button twice (see image), once to pause what you’re listening to and then the next long press to prompt Siri with your command, all without having to touch your phone!

Securing your WhizBeats for exercise

ear-budsOne of the most frustrating things with sports headphones is when they don’t stay in your ear during exercise. Now that you’re the proud owner of a WhizBeats W10 headset – you no longer need to worry about that – they’ve been designed carefully to stay securely in your ear during even the most vigorous work outs!
So that you get the most out of your WhizBeats experience, we wanted to make sure you know how to fit your headphones correctly.

Firstly, the WhizBeats W10 comes packaged with some handy accessories to ensure a perfect fit for your ear. Inside the pack are 3 sets of ear buds / gels – small, medium and large. Your headset comes with the medium size attached already.
It’s worth taking the time to try out each gel and see which feels most comfortable in your ear. TIP: select the largest size that fits comfortably in your ear – this will help maximize noise cancellation as well as improve depth of base tones in the music.

Then, take careful look at this picture to see how the Griptips (ear stabilisers) fit inside the ear. You want them tucked neatly into the fold of your ear. Again, the W10 comes packaged with 2 different sizes of Griptips – pick the one that fits you best.

Once you get these two things right, you’ll never suffer the problem of your headphones slipping out again!

Fitting the WhizBand Extender Strap

So you are the lucky one with big guns and need to know how to extend the Whizband? No problem! Adding the WhizBand extender strap provides for arms up to 22’! Here’s how.

Standard use of the Whizband allows for looping the band through either slot ‘A’ or ‘B’ as marked on the face, providing a secure fit for arms between 8.5′ and 16′.

However, if you’re blessed with mega-guns, you’ll find that most bands simply don’t come large enough to fit your arms – and that’s where we have you covered with the simple addition of the bicep extender strap.

To fit the strap, follow these steps:

  1. Fold the end of the armband strap through the buckle in the extender so that the soft velcro is facing out.
  2. Place the extended band around your super-sized muscle
  3. Loop the loose end of the extender strap through either slot A or B, and fold back so the rough velcro attached to the smooth velcro on the extender. Squeeze the velcro sides together gently to secure.

If you like having the extender strap packaged for FREE with your armband, don’t forget to give us your feedback on how much you value this feature!

WhizBeats W10 Bluetooth Sports Headphones - Functions Summary


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