June 01, 2017

The Science of Performance-Enhancing Running Music

“The tempo of the music you choose while running should match the intensity of the workout you’re about to embrace.” There’s nothing quite like walking out your front door, popping in your favorite running headphones, and turning on your trusty running music to get you fired up. Without even taking that first step, your blood […]

October 06, 2016

Earbuds for Serious Runners, Making the Right Choice.


“The best Bluetooth wireless headphones really added to the freedom of running because you don’t even notice they are there.”

There is literally nothing better than the feeling after you’ve completed a perfect run. So what is a perfect run? It’s that rare occasion when all the stars seem to align specifically for your workout.
The air temperature is exactly the way you like it. Your breathing is impeccably rhythmical. You body moves with ease, your running shoes are doing fit like a glove and you want to keep on running at the end of it.


July 05, 2016

Find Your Signature Sound Profile


                     Did you know, the sound you hear is like your own fingerprint-UNIQUE to you!

You might ask, what’s this got to do with headphones and SoundWhiz? A lot actually…take a few moments and see just how you can tune your sound to your own personal desire.
It generally goes without saying, but each of us like to listen to different music. We have different ‘tastes’ depending on a huge array of factors including cultural background, age, gender, musical knowledge and so on. (more…)
October 28, 2015

Basic Workout Tips

push up girl

“It’s equally important to refuel right away after you train, when your body’s cells are most receptive to replenishing the energy they have spent.”

Properly designed training programs that set up those workouts right into a coherent, thorough system are equally easily accessible.
Whether you determine to do it on your own or to employ the services of a certified individual fitness instructor, the adhering to suggestions use to essentially everybody, newcomers and also grizzled veterans alike.


October 28, 2015

Running at any level

running man

“Joggers are most likely to stay at a constant weight than those that do other forms of exercise.”

Running just may be the most hassle-free exercise going.
You do not have to be a competent athlete, and also there’s no elegant tools included; merely lace up your sneaks and go. It’s additionally among the most reliable ways to blow up fat and also melt calories– concerning 600 a hr.