The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How Sound can Affect your Attitude


“Many successful athletes use music as a way to get their heads into an important competition, race, or game.”

Michael Phelps. America’s most successful Olympic athlete of the 21st century.

While there are many secrets to the success of this 23 gold medal winning champion, one fail proof factor of his success is pre-competition music.

Anyone who has watched a swim meet where Mr. Phelps was competing, has seen him with headphones on. He is focused, tuning in to the moment, and visualizing his upcoming victory. And he’s not alone.

Many successful athletes use music as a way to get their heads into an important competition, race, or game. In fact, many scientific studies are finding that music controls our brain functions as well as our bodies, citing that faster music can increase a person’s heart rate and prep them for stimulation.

BelievePerform published a great article detailing the three most influential times a person can listen to music to achieve the emotions and motivation they need:

  • PRE-TASK MUSIC: To prepare and get your head into the (metaphorical) game

  • IN-TASK MUSIC: To help stimulate inspiration and help increase perseverance and drive

  • POST-TASK MUSIC: To calm the nerves and come back to normal after extreme stimulation and focus

Each state needs different levels of music intensity to achieve the needed level of inspiration a person needs to complete a task.

We wanted to prepare the ultimate cheat sheet on how sound can affect your attitude so that you can carry over the success of professionals into your important life events. That article is coming soon..

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to train like one! In fact, you don’t need to be doing a sport at all to reap the benefits of music.

Think about the following high-pressure tasks and how much motivation you need preparing for them:

  • An important job interview

  • A meeting with management

  • A quarterly review

  • A professional exam of importance

  • A first date

  • A break up

  • Striking a major deal for your business

Each of these tasks can be helped by tuning into the right sounds before, during, or after finishing something requiring focus. The right headphones help you tune in and succeed in what you need to do.

boxing lady with Soundwhiz Headset

Finding a comfortable, reliable fit in wireless headphones will help give you the hands-free access to your audio files you need to succeed. These wireless headphones could be the difference between triumph and mediocrity.

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