The Truth About Wireless Bluetooth Headphones-A Buyers Guide


“Moving to Bluetooth and enjoying a wireless world of audio on the go, seems a natural progression from wired headphones.”

Given Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement  of a move to wireless future, we’d like to help you understand more about the latest in Bluetooth headphones.

The revelation that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have lost the traditional headphone jack has everyone talking furiously about wired versus Bluetooth.

When you analyse the revFFiews on the new wireless earbuds by Apple, it’s plain to see that it’s features are limited. Plain and simply put, so far it appears, the general consensus is they are not so cool!



Historically Bluetooth wireless bluetooth headphones as a sound system meant a necessary downgrade in audio quality, dealing with shoddy battery life. However, this has changed.

It is plain to see there are still hundreds of users simply resting in the comfort with wiring up, resisting change, presuming that switching to Bluetooth wireless earbuds will somehow have a negative impact on their listening experience.

Understandably the price tag seen by known brands advertising right now could have something to do with it. The good news is these are concerns from earlier days of wireless products.

Modern Bluetooth technology offers a lot more choice and improved listening experience at an affordable price if you’re not chasing big brand names.

Not only can you enjoy incredible freedom freed from the hassle of tangled wires, with your phone attached somewhere on your body, but technology has advanced making it worth your while to own your own pair.


wireless headset

1. Comfort and Fit Consider your use and choose for the purpose. Workout Earbuds will be different from ones you want to listen to music or audio books on, consider the styles of on ear, in ear, over ear, all available

2. Battery Battery life has reached nearly double-digit hours on a single charge, making it very rare that a person would have to worry about their headsets losing power mid-workout or a long run.
  •  If you’re into marathons you need long battery life – 6-8 hours and a sweat proof earbud that stays in like the SoundWhiz W10 or Turbo.  Over head headphones tend to last a lot longer as they can afford the space for larger size batteries than their earbud counterparts.
    • And there’s nothing wrong with a 4-6 hour battery if you’re just using it at your desk and around the house as re-charging is not an issue.

      3. Technology inclusions and versions are worth noting like an inbuilt mic for calls.

      • aptX is a set of audio codec compression algorithms from Qualcomm. Bluetooth isn’t a very fast wireless connection, so the files get an extra layer of compression. Bluetooth headphones decompress data and play it back. aptX does a really good job at this.
        • A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), is the protocol used to stream digital audio from one device to another.
          • Bluetooth version is important. Bluetooth 4.1 is excellent . Version 4.2 has brought some further security features for mobile phone hackers. While the versions update the main difference is the power consumption rather than the audio transfer protocols being affected.

            4. Sound A good pair of headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 + and aptX will sound plenty good for most people under most conditions.

            • Read the reviews to gauge if the model is what you are after but that said, sound is personal. No two people hear the same. Sound can be customised with Apps once purchased.

              5. Price – Like everything recognisable brands ask for big numbers. Bose, Seinheisser and Sony can have $400 price tags.

              • Great Bluetooth headphones come in varying prices so price is really up to you. We suggest giving a fair priced item like the SoundWhiz range, as one thing we all know is batteries don’t last forever.
                •  SoundWhiz offer upgraded warranties so you’re pretty well covered. The fair asking price is less painful when it comes to repurchasing or updating your set, than equivalent products by well known brands.

                  THE TAKE OUT.

                  Moving to Bluetooth and enjoying a wireless world of audio on the go, seems a natural progression from wired headphones. Besides, there are some in-vogue, sharp-looking options that display both a sense of style and an element of technological savvy.

                  With that in mind, if you’re looking for quality wireless audio and one of the best earbuds in the market that has been designed for high-speed workouts and an action-packed life, SoundWhiz has you covered.

                  View the options  that could work for you. If you are tired of buds that fall out be sure to notice the same patented ear tip that Jaybird uses on their X2 model here, packed with value and lasting power, plus you won’t have to pay $199!

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