The Goldilocks bud – why finding the perfect earbud for your bluetooth headphone is so important.

It’s one of those notable things when a new shiny object arrives in your front door, you just can’t wait to put your new wireless headphones on, no matter what’s inside the box! After all, you may ask yourself, why is it sent out if it’s not simply ready to wear?

When it comes to headphones, it’s different. No two people’s ears are the same and in fact, we can probably bet your own 2 ears are quite different too. If you’ve been used to the standard wired earbuds that come in the box with your iPhone or Android device, it will come as a surprise when you open your new wireless earbuds that the box comes packaged with various sized tips.  And now you have a choice to customize your fit.

You might also think to use them just the way they come, with the standard medium size buds already on the headphones when you open the pack. Maybe they seem to fit OK, right?

Think again.  We encourage you to try out your options. Picking the right earbud size for your ears could make the difference between falling in love with your new wireless headset or falling out with it.

We call it the Goldilocks difference. Here are the three main reasons why you should spend 5 minutes trying out the different sized earbuds in your pack to look for the ‘Goldilocks’ earbud – the size that is ‘just right’ for you.

Sound Quality

Most people don’t realize, but your experience of the sound quality can be heavily impacted by the wrong bud selection.  If the bud is too big, the bass gets rammed into your ears, and will end up sounding boomy, while the mids and trebles will get totally overpowered and lost.  Conversely, if the bud is too small, you’ll miss a lot of the bass and sub-bass richness and the earbuds will sound tinny.

A good way to test it is to listen with the same song while trying out different buds. If yours is too small you’ll not experience good noise isolation.


Unlike the simple wired buds that come with your phone, bluetooth earbuds are designed to be inserted into your ear canals.  The ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work for in-ear earbuds because the size of everyone’s ear canals varies so widely.  If the bud is too big – it will tend to feel uncomfortable after a while, so try and find a size that doesn’t press to hard against any part of your ear. There should be a nice seal around and it should fit snugly in your ear canal without a squeeze and force of the hand. The foam tips can be pushed around a bit but if you feel ear fatigue after a few hours, you know you’ve got the wrong size bud on or if they pop out occasionally that too.

Fit Stability

There’s nothing worse than headphones that fall out of your ears when you just pick up your training momentum.  No matter what style of in-ear headphones you pick, if the bud size it wrong, there’s a good chance your earbuds will fall out, especially during running or other activities like skipping, boxing and so on.  If the bud is too small, it won’t grip in your ear properly. Too large, and it’ll be squashed out of shape when you insert it, and slowly work its way out of your ears when you start to sweat.

Foam Tips or Silicon Tips?

Again, there’s really no right or wrong choice as to which type to use. As a general rule, you might like to use foam tips if:

  • You’re looking for a high degree of sound isolation, for example at the gym. Foam tips are amazing for blocking out other people’s noise so you can zone into the rhythm of your playlist.
  • If you can’t find the exact size that suits you in the silicon tips, try the size up from the closest silicon tip in the foam style – they will expand in your ear to the perfect size and shape for your ear canals, often resulting in a more comfortable fit for extended wear.
  • If your headphones are still popping out of your ears with any silicon size, foam tips are great because the grip the inside of your ears better.
  • If you just can’t get enough bass – try the foam tips. They tend to trap the bass in more, and can give you a richer warmer sound.


Final tip – don’t be surprised to find  you need a different sized tip in each ear. The majority of people actually have slightly different sized ears, and it’s quite common to need a different tip on each side.


SoundWhiz Turbo comes packaged with a variety of options to suit almost every ear size. While most bluetooth earbuds come with 3 standards sizes of earbuds (S,M,L), the Turbo also comes with XS sized buds to suit people with narrow ear canals.  They also come with 3 sizes of memory foam tips – so no matter what sound and fit your looking for, the Turbo most likely has what you need to customise your fit.