Sweatproof versus Waterproof Ratings in Wireless Headphones

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“I am sure you are looking for the perfect pair of affordable headphones that are able to withstand sweat and water. Luckily, we have the perfect product for you.”

Thinking of owning a pair of wireless running headphones to power your next workout? You may have heard how sweat sometimes stops headphones working.This short article will help you evaluate the claims made on what is and what is not water resistant and what rating to look for to guard your device against sweat.

It will help you understand if your gadget is protected if used for heavy training, running in the rain, standing in the sleet, or lazing next to the pool being splashed by the kids.


A good sweaty workout always feels great! Studies have shown that the average person sweats 24.7 to 47.3 oz during exercise.

If you sweat a lot or you’d quite like to get a set of wireless sports earbuds, you should be aware that not all headphones are sweat proof, just as all headphones are not waterproof.

Most people are unaware that there is actually an industry rating that indicates the water resistance.

Some brands advertise falsely, claiming that their headphones are water proof and sweat proof. IP Code, International Protection Marking rates and classifies the degree of the protection that is being provided against intrusion of dust, and water.

Do look out for these to know what headphones suit your form of exercise.

As this article is about sweat and water and how they affect headphones, we will focus on IPX ratings which are commonly used as water resistant ratings.

IP ratings have 2 digits, the first is to protect only against dust and fingerprints, basically dirt. The second is the water test rating. So often sweat proof headphones have a focus on water ratings.

Below is a chart to help you decode waterproof versus sweat proof ratings in wireless headphones.

 IPX0 : Zero water-resistance.
 IPX1 : Slightly water-resistant. Can handle a few water droplets without ceasing to work. Headphones with these ratings would not be suitable for exercise because they are not sweat proof.
IPX2 : Can handle very small amounts of water at a specific 15 degree angle, it is not recommended that one purchase wireless headphones with this rating.
IPX3  : Still not considered sweat proof. Can handle a light spray of water at a 60 degree angle, unreliable headphones during an intense workout. They might do in a pinch if you have absolutely nothing else.
 IPX4  : Your gadget is sweat proof. It is the industry benchmark for sweat proof headphones in the water-resistant ratings. This is the rating you want to look for as the ideal rating for your wireless workout headphones, however, they are not waterproof.
 IPX5  : Protected in the presence of low-pressure water jets at any angle.
 IPX6  : Protected from strong water jets at any angle.
 IPX7  : Device is protected when accidently immersed in 1 meter (3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. The internal components are nano-coated for water protection.
 IPX8 : Device is protected when immersed in more than 1 meter (3 feet) of water. This is common for swimming headphones.

So, which rating is the best to ensure that your headphones are sweat proof and or waterproof? As mentioned above, IPX4 is the ideal rating to for sweat proof earbuds.

If you do long distance running, marathons, train in workout bodysuits, or enjoy cardio sweat workouts, you should go for a nanocoated headphone. That’s IPX7. Soundwhiz also has a great option for this style workout earbud.

That being said, if you know you might be using the headphones for any activities where you will be immersed in water, a higher rating would be of interest to you.

Nano coating technology provides you with complete assurance that you headphones will not become damaged if used in the water.

Nano coating is a process that will make a device hydrophobic (“water fearing”) by storing materials with a high surface tension and then copying those materials onto the surface again.

This creates a multilayer barrier that makes it impossible for water damage, even if you are using the headphones for swimming.

Now that you are a wireless headphone expert, I am sure you are looking for the perfect pair of affordable headphones that are able to withstand sweat and water. Luckily, we have the perfect product for you.

The Soundwhiz Turbo wireless headphones do it all! They can be worn for everyday exercise, but they can also be immersed in water without damage.

They have an IPX7 rating (3 ratings higher than necessary to stand strong against excessive sweat during your workout) paired with a technologically advanced nano coating to ensure that they are completely waterproof.

The incredibly high rating and the advanced technology of the Turbo wireless headphones make them stand out among the other products who inaccurately claim to provide the same things.

While sweat proofing is an important feature, you should also consider other factors before buying your next wireless running headphones, including fit style, sound profile, expected battery life and noise cancellation level.  Why not check our free sports earbud buyers guide?

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