SoundWhiz is Rewarded With a Place on Indiegogo’s Innovation Marketplace

Press Release

04-21-2017 Houston, Texas. Lifestyle audio brand SoundWhiz has been rewarded for innovation this week by crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.  The SoundWhiz SymphoniQ Bluetooth Headphones are the first semi-open back wireless headphones to hit the market, earning the brand a coveted spot in Indiegogo’s pilot marketplace program.

In a crowded space, the SoundWhiz SymphoniQ carves out its own niche with a hybrid design that marries the wide sound stage of open back headphones with the sound isolation and stirring bass resonance typical of high end closed-backs.

Traditional open-back headphones have a noticeable grill on the back of the ear cup to allow sound to escape. In simple terms, this opens out the music, allowing the listener to experience more detail in the sound and appreciate a wider sound stage.

By contrast, closed back headphones reduce sound leakage, giving a deeper bass experience while also ‘squashing’ the music together. This often has the impact of losing music definition, particularly where the sound profile has an enhanced bass. Until now, Bluetooth headphones have largely been closed back only.

The SymphoniQ changes all this, providing a unique solution for those who want deep bass resonance, high definition open sound, and minimal intrusion from external noise.

Says Sue Prentice, SoundWhiz Co-Founder “We’re best known for our Bluetooth Sports Headphones like the SoundWhiz Turbo, but with the SymphoniQ we wanted to put a serious stake in the ground of over-ear headphones market as well.  We challenged ourselves to do something different, something beautiful to look at, as well as listen to.”

Indeed, with a clean white design, black trimmings and subtle hints of chrome, these on-ear headphones deliver music lovers a chic designer look and a stylish silhouette. The SoundWhiz SymphoniQ  oozes quality, breaking from the mold of black plastic feel headphones popularized by Bose and other mainstream manufacturers. As a result, style influencers have already proved to be the early adopters of the SymphoniQ displaying their influence on Instagram live.

Nevertheless, it’s the performance of these Bluetooth Headphones where the SymphoniQ really packs a punch. A unique sound signature that supports frequencies down to just 10Hz provides a jaw-dropping bass layer that does not bleed over the mids and trebles like it would on closed back models. With a whopping 20 hours of play time on a single charge as well as a noise-cancelling microphone providing for crystal clear voice calls, the SymphoniQ is a remarkable all-rounder.

“Music is a powerful tool for people in every day life. From relaxation and stress management, recovery from sports injuries and other illnesses, to increased concentration for studying or improved workplace performance, people use music to enhance their lives.  We wanted to offer a solution that maximized people’s experience of sound, allowing them to completely immerse themselves in it, while still looking great and enjoying the freedom of a wireless connection.”

“Of course, we looked at comfort, ease of use, battery life and a host of other features demanded by customers, and delivered those. But when you break it down, it always comes down to how great your headphones sound. That’s where we focused our innovation. We’re thrilled that our work has been rewarded with a place on Indiegogo’s new marketplace”.

The SoundWhiz SymphoniQ is officially for sale now on Indiegogo this week, and for a limited time is available at a special promotional price of $109, down from $179 RRP. 

 SoundWhiz SymphoniQ on Indiegogo