Mums ROCK! The Top 10 Best Music / Songs About Mom

Being a Mum makes for a busy life. Dashing from this to that, managing 10 things at once, always.  It's that time of year when you can make her feel super-appreciated. This Mother's Day create your own custom play list for her to listen to as she rushes around.  

We’ve scoured the global archives, listened to hundreds of hours of music, and compared countless ratings and download statistics to bring you the Top 10 best Mothers Day tracks EVER. 

To make it easy, so you can get cracking on your custom playlist, and show Mom some music love, add a few of these evergreens and you'll be guaranteed to wow her.
After all, Mums ROCK!

In at 10:  The Rolling Stones – Mother’s Little Helper  (June 1966)

Written in an era of widespread barbiturate addiction in middle England during the 60s, where housewives toiled and husbands read the paper, this golden oldie reminds us of the timeless relationship between mother and son.  No matter what the mother you’re celebrating does for a living, a little acknowledgement goes a long way!

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In at 9:  Madness – Our House (January 1983)


We defy you not to jump around the house when you put this on – a timeless UK classic from the incredible era of 80’s music!  Upbeat and energetic, this track takes us through life in a chaotic household and acknowledges mum as the central figure holding it all together. Has anything really changes in the 35 years since this was written? Nope – Mom’s still the cornerstone of family life. Your ROCK mom!

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In at 8:  Taylor Swift – The Best Day (November 2008)


In this song Taylor Swift sings about her mother’s love and support during her tough times in middle school. A reflection on how no matter what we do, a mother’s love is cannot be broken, and thank God for that! Its only had 16 Million views on youtube…..

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In at 7:  Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song (September 2010)


This is the country music ode to the hopes and dreams Mom’s have for their little girls – to grow up, find someone to love and be happy.  Carrie Underwood lyrical crafting bring all that emotion to the surface in a totally joy-filled tear jerker!

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In at 6: 2Pac – Dear Mama (March 1995)


Much like Taylor Swift’s reflection on the gratitude we have for mom’s support as we grow up, 2pac smashes it out of the park with this timeless rap.  Reputedly Eminem’s favourite song, 2Pac lays out his gratitude with uncharacteristic restraint in the vocals, considering the genre. Having dies a year after recording this song, it’s often described as his finest work.

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In at 5: Pink Floyd – Mother (November 1979)


From the album ‘The Wall’, this is a song about the shelter of a mother’s love. Roger Water’s reflection gives us an insight into his childhood insecurities and the role his mother played through her strength and protection after Water’s father died. Timeless.

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In at 4: Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama (November 1997)


There had to be a silky ballad in the mix didn’t there? Capturing the essence of 90’s sound, this was a massive chart topper in its day. Direct and uncompromising in its gratitude – the Boyz say thanks for everything Mom!

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In at 3:  Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom (June 2003)


In pure power pop style, we take a light hearted approach and re-assure Mom that’s she’s still HOT.  The song’s protagonist visits his girlfriend’s home only to find that she isn’t the girl for him after all – if you know what I’m sayin…

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In at 2:  Danzig Mother (August 1988)


We go heavy rock before hitting #1 – with Danzig’s tough love.  Danzig rebels against parental control in this 80’s debut album, reflecting on the protective streak all mother’s have. 

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… and making it to #1: The Beatles – Let it Be (May 1970)


Probably one of the Beatles best known songs, yet few realise that this was a reflective thank you by Paul McCartney to his mother, who had recently died of cancer.  Emotion leaden, and written during the band’s final days before they split we join McCartney in recalling how much strength the reassurance from our Mom can give us. Its our personal favourite judging by the misty eyes around the office as we belted it out this morning.

Thanks for the ‘words of wisdom’ mom! 

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Special BONUS – just because Mom’s deserve that bit of extra love on Mother’s day – the most downloaded Mom song from Amazon on this whole list…


BONUS: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man (August 1973)


The southern rock band share the advice of influential matriarchs in their life about how to live your life well. We might get tired of ‘nagging moms’ but these guys remind us that ultimately – she just wants the best for us.  Huge.

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