Earbuds for Serious Runners, Making the Right Choice


“The best Bluetooth wireless headphones really added to the freedom of running because you don’t even notice they are there.”

There is literally nothing better than the feeling after you’ve completed a perfect run. So what is a perfect run? It’s that rare occasion when all the stars seem to align specifically for your workout.

The air temperature is exactly the way you like it. Your breathing is impeccably rhythmical. You body moves with ease, your running shoes are doing fit like a glove and you want to keep on running at the end of it.



This is why runners love running. The solitude and self-satisfaction of getting your heart pumping in perfect rhythm with your legs and lungs. It’s a beautiful thing to experience.

Everything may be flawless when it comes to your form, yet if you’re not quite experiencing this yearning desire to run, the kind of “run escape” desire to do it again, then there’s an essential ingredient you may be missing. Your years spent finding the best shoes, breathable running gear, are not wasted.


A fair bit of research goes into a purchase of fitness sports headphones but in this article, we hope to short circuit your time spent evaluating it all as we have literally hundreds of runners tell us what makes a reliable headphone.

Taking it back a step, let’s remind ourselves why audio can greatly enhance our runs. The right music or podcast transcends us into a focused frame of mind.

The beat of the music helps to regulate our own heartbeat and unconsciously, the brain synchronises the running pace. The best earbuds for running have a few essential features that you need when selecting a pair for yourself.

Wireless headphones nowadays invariably come with a mic so you can make and take calls on the go too. Plus make the best of your audio device by being plugged into your chosen running app that will keep your history and pace your workout, with a focused attitude to reach your goals.

Don’t miss the best running apps in this great article reviewing the best running apps for 2016. 

The best Bluetooth wireless headphones really add to the freedom of running because you don’t even notice they are there. Running with the wrong sports headphones can be uncomfortable and frustrating. What you’re looking for are quality, long-lasting earbuds for serious runners…

Look for gear that has good customer feedback. When headphones are crafted in an effort to match the needs of runners that’s when things are going to gel for you as they have been put to the test.

The truth about the best wireless sports headphones is really if it can face up to the rigors of running, yet people are all different and have preferences of style too.

There are different styles appealing to the different aspects a runner needs. Take a look at the features with the SoundWhiz W10, and Turbo running headphones and you’ll see a few common themes.

running with SoundWhiz wireless headset
To help you at a glance, look at these stand out must have’s below:

  • Guaranteed to Stay in Place: Look for a brand with a range of sports headphones focused on stability. If you are frustrated by headphones that fall out while exercising, the SoundWhiz W10 with a patented ear tip ensures you can run as fast as you want without ever worrying about your headphones slipping or falling out. Feather soft ear hooks and ergonomic design work well with the Turbo as a fitness training headphone too.
  • Stereo Sound: The continual tech improvements with Bluetooth have come a long way and you can enjoy stereo high fidelity sound and deep sounding bass, just what you need to keep that pace up as you hit the road running. Going wireless doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the sound quality you desire.
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth wireless is the buzz. Thanks to Apple’s iPhone 7 and no jack, folks are flocking to upgrade their headphones. Bluetooth earbuds mean no more tangled arms and snaking cords! Push those days behind you!
  • Affordable: You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars or even what some of the big brands are asking to get into wireless audio. 
  • Extra Long Battery Life: This is an all time essential feature, especially for marathon runners as you don’t want the worry of your music failing half way through the run. Have peace of mind with a battery is guaranteed to last 6-8 hours, with a long-lasting battery that has as much endurance as you do.
  • WaterproofMany brands advertise sweatproof and waterproof without really testing. Make sure you view our guide to understand the difference. True sports sweatproof headphones should be rated at least IPX4.  The SoundWhiz Turbo is rated IPX7 for lifetime sweat protection!

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