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August 09, 2016

Top Running Apps of 2016


“”Let’s review the top 10 best running apps starting with the best developed apps for experienced runners.”

Driven by our enlightened awareness of health & fitness and by our desire to track progress, fitness apps have evolved at a rapid rate by many wanting a slice of the pie.
In many ways fitness apps and sports headphones go hand in hand – with the opportunity to have your own personal coach sitting on your shoulder all the way, giving to timely feedback direct to your ear!
July 05, 2016

Find Your Signature Sound Profile


                     Did you know, the sound you hear is like your own fingerprint-UNIQUE to you!

You might ask, what’s this got to do with headphones and SoundWhiz? A lot actually…take a few moments and see just how you can tune your sound to your own personal desire.
It generally goes without saying, but each of us like to listen to different music. We have different ‘tastes’ depending on a huge array of factors including cultural background, age, gender, musical knowledge and so on. (more…)