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Welcome to Whiz!

So, I guess you’ve landed on our site because you’re either trying to get fit and improve your lifestyle, or maybe you’re in good shape and want to keep it that way. Maybe you’re looking for a super cool gift for someone who IS a fitness freak.

If you’re like me though, you also know that getting fit, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a LOT of commitment and time. Apparently, rushing out and buying a gym membership as a New Year’s resolution doesn’t actually do it (we all know the feeling, a little part of you thought that was half the battle!).

What really happens is the juggle of life gets in the way and you lose your mojo to exercise and run out of time. So, you decide to look for something to help make your fitness easier. Good on you!

Our Story

Entrepreneurs Sue Prentice and Giles Smith met on a plane while travelling the Globe. Coincidentally, we were both hunting for the latest innovative ideas to bring zest to lives of our customers. Products that could help motivate and inspire healthy, fun living. Quickly realizing we shared the same vision, we merged our enthusiasm, energy and skills to form Whiz Technology.

SoundWhiz, the premiere brand soon became a sensation, with thousands enjoying wireless sound and unleashed workouts enabled by the WhizBeats W10 and WhizBand. We continue to scour the world for the BEST niche fitness products.

Currently, we are excited by the future of SMART technology as it relates to fitness, and we are investing significantly in the connected devices arena for active pursuits. We are currently drooling over three connected fitness device products for release in 2016, which we KNOW you are going to love. Be sure to stay connected!


  • Best Sport Headphones EVER!! - Let me say, these headphones are OUTSTANDING!! I bought both the silver/black and the blue/black for my husband and I. The packaging was sleek and crisp and all indicated accessories were in the box. They paired easily to each of our phones, we're a mixed family (Galaxy S4 and iPhone). They came pre-charged so we tried them out right off the bat. We danced around the house, checking for comfort, stay-in ability, sound, etc. We used them 4 times at the gym this week (did not have to recharge), and my husband wore them to work in the yard as well. He sweats ALOT, so getting water resistant headphones was a must. While I was skeptical, there really aren't a lot out there with this guarantee unless you go up to the $120+ range. Sound: Fabulous! Completely enhances your workout! My husband is an audiophile, I am not. He was completely surprised by the quality and crispness, and was blown away that both the treble and bass are appropriate and the sound is not tinny. Read more...
  • Surprisingly Good Headphones - These headphones were an excellent buy and have completely replaced all my pairs of wired headphones. Should these break I will simply order another pair; they are great. Soundwhiz also sends e-mail updates about your order and to see how you like them so customer service seems top notch as well.. Read more...
    Jimmy Pops
  • Highly recommend for any fitness enthusiasts! - As someone who works for an international fitness brand and does alot of jogging; these have been some of the best wireless headphones I've owned to date. Good sound, great battery life and most importantly, they stay fixed to your ears! Highly recommend for any fitness enthusiasts. Read more...
  • An ultra-sleek wireless package -  Clear & crisp audio quality, full & robust bass sound, fast & stable bluetooth connection for up to 2 devices, easy-to-press tactile buttons within the earpods ergonomically and separately functional and accessible, long-use batteries (approximately 6 to 8 hours per full charge), resistance from water-damage (still good even when you’ve worked out a sweat), all rolled in an ultra-sleek chic wireless package… I have nothing more to ask from a bluetooth headset.. Read more...
    Thea McRaeg


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